What Falls Under Home Improvement?

The Exterior of a Two-Story Home.

The Fundamentals of Home Improvement

When discussing what falls under home improvement and the differences between renovations, maintenance, and major renovations, there can be a few misconceptions regarding these terms. Need to improve your home? Call (832) 725-0337 today. Sure, you might think they’re all the same, they’re actually not and we’ll get to this further along in this blog post. If you’ve got this itch of a doubt, it may be because you’re planning on making your own home improvements or remodeling. But if you’re really wondering what home improvement is all about, read on!

What Qualifies As a Home Improvement?

The same goes for anyone wondering what are home improvement services, right? Well basically, home improvement means anything from remodeling, altering, repairing, modernizing, updating, or adding to a residential property or structure. Any of these services qualify as home improvement services. This means that a home improvement contractor can help you do any of these things to your home’s already built structure.

What Is a Home Improvement Contractor?

When looking to improve, update or modernize any part of the home there are some things you can do yourself depending on your skills! However, once you envision big changes, you can require the help of a home improvement contractor to get the best, longlasting results.

A home improvement contractor is people specialized in anything having to do with home rehabilitation. They know about materials, are experts providing a wide array of options in materials, design, and trends to achieve the results you want. They are the professionals who are many times, engineers, architects, and designers who will offer their services to improve anything you require within your home.

A home improvement company, on the other hand, is basically a group of people dedicated to providing high-end services to any property owner looking to improve their home in any way, shape, or form. This is what we do at House Anything. !

What Is the Difference Between Remodeling and Renovation?

This question is where most of the misconceptions actually come from. Should you renovate or remodel? What are the differences between the two? Aren’t they the same? While both these terms are used interchangeably most of the time, they’re actually very different. Luckily, we’re here to break it down for you.

Remodeling consists of changing the structure, shape, form, or appearance of a certain object/space.

  • Changing a space’s functionality. Altering the structure of the space to give it a completely different use and transforming it as means of this. This has to do with reconfiguring the floor plan, for instance.
  • It improves a space’s functionality. Imagine you want to combine both the kitchen and living room area for an open kitchen concept. This is seen as remodeling.
  • Completely change the feeling of the space. You’ve added or removed walls expanded square footage. Remodeling gives spaces a whole new look and feel.

Renovating consists of restoring an object/space into a good state or making it new again.

  • It’s about renewing. In a home, you’re re-painting and re-storing cabinets, old paint, installing new light fixtures, and adding other finishes and detailing.
  • Upgrade – Update. Unlike remodeling, you’re not looking to alter but rather to update. In the case of a kitchen, you are upgrading it and adding value to the home.
  • Aesthetic Improvements. You are upgrading and updating everything to meet a new style, aesthetic, or vision rather than transforming anything.

So, What Is Considered a Major Renovation?

How do you know your home has been substantially renovated? You might want to know this in case you’re planning on making home improvements to sell your house. 

In this case, you’ll need to make sure that at least 90% of the inside of your property has been renovated to some degree. This will be a way to demonstrate to buyers how much value you’ve put into these projects.

Home Improvement vs. Maintenance

Other misconceptions are formed around these two terms. However, it’ll be important that you have a clear idea of what these two terms mean for your future home projects.

  • Home Improvement: Making something better than it was originally. It adds value.
  • Home Maintenance: Overal work that prevents your home from deteriorating. This has to do with plumbing, electrical outlets, paint, etc.

Home Improvement and Taxes

A Worker Prepares Walls for Remodeling.

What You Should Know

So now that you’re planning on improving your home, you might be asking yourself how home improvements affect taxes. There’s a simple answer to this: First, you’ll need to differentiate repairs from improvements and ask your accountant to guide you on this. After that, you cannot just add the cost of improvements and deduct from your taxes. There will be energy efficiency upgrades available for tax credits, but these are limited to change. You will be able to get tax deductions of all your home improvement, but this is only when you decide to sell your home. Hopefully, we’ve cleared the air as to home improvement misconceptions. If you have any other questions or would like some home improvement services for your Katy, TX home, call House Anything at (832) 725-0337!