Residential Roofer in Katy, TX

Men Replacing Roof Shingles.

The Best Residential Roofing Services 

House Anything works with a team of experienced roofing contractors to ensure you get the best roofing services! If you need a residential roofer in  Katy, TX and surrounding areas, call (832) 725-0337 today. We are an insured and licensed residential roofing company. We do anything from re-roofing, roof repairs, new roof installations, and entire roof replacement. We are specialists and are committed to providing high-quality workmanship to please every homeowner’s needs. Our team consists of experienced and certified roofers. House Anything is the leading residential roofing contractor in Katy, TX since 2008. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing high-quality customer service, craftsmanship, and experience in both roofing and construction.

  • Architectural Shingles Add more dimension and curb appeal to your home by investing in architectural shingles.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair & Replacement At House Anything, our team of roofers are able to repair and replace asphalt shingles.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles To protect your roofing against damages from wind or hail, call us for impact resistant shingles.
  • Roof Installation Are you looking to upgrade to a new roof? We can help by offering the best roof installation services.
  • Roof Repair Does your roofing system need to be repaired? Our roofing professionals can handle any roof repair.

Get an Experienced Residential Roofer 

If your home is located in  Katy, TX 
or other surrounding areas, call (832) 725-0337 today! We are committed to providing only quality to our clients and roofing that is long-lasting and adds incredible value to your home. If your roof has suffered storm-damage, needs re-roofing, repairing, replacement or general maintenance, we can get the job done right. We consider being an exceptional team of Texas roofers ready to solve issues as well as complete all projects within budget and as efficiently as possible. 

Every home is different, and so is every roof. In our 10+ years of experience, we’ve seen many roofs and provided the best solutions. It is up to a residential roofer to resolve any unique tasks, sloped roofs, anything from square footage, layering, waterproofing and underlayment of structure and much more. No matter the condition your roof may be in when we find it, we have a solution. Our experienced roofing contractors will provide you with advice, seek out the most viable options for your project and provide an honest estimate of your requirements. For the best residential roofer in Katy, TX, you can depend on us.

A home can have the best structures in the market, but if its roof is not well-built, this can lessen the value. This is why it’s important to seek out the best team of roofing contractors when about to buy or sell a home. Because we know that roofing is one of the most crucial phases of the building and construction process. So anything that has to do with roofing, demands an expert team of skilled professionals like ourselves.

We’re proud of our more than 10 years experience in as roofing contractors. Our certified team of roofers, experienced and devoted to high-quality work, have made our company become a leading residential roofing company in Katy, TX and we’re glad to have hundreds of satisfied clients.

A Newly Installed Asphalt Shingle Roof.

Roof Repair and Replacement Contractors

Imagine you’ve started to notice leaks coming from your roof or suddenly, you’re looking at your home and some parts of the roof are starting to sag. This can be overwhelming, especially when thinking about the costs of roof repairs. However, putting it off might be a dangerous decision to take. House Anything offers a one-stop solution to any roofing situation your home may be in. Our proficient team of residential roofing contractors is committed to providing top of the line solutions in roof repairs and replacements.

We’ll also take care of replacing your roofing if this is what your home requires at this time. We promise not only that exceptional work is done, but we also ensure that your new roof is long-lasting, weather-resistant and protects your family. Schedule an appointment with a residential roofer in Katy, TX by dialing (832) 725-0337!