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Professional Roofer Applying Torch Down Roofing On a Commercial Building

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If you’re interested in installing torch down roofing in Katy, TX on your commercial property, make sure you contact expert roofers at House Anything to take care of your roofing project. Call (832) 725-0337 today. Torch down roofing is a membrane layer roofing system. It was designed to roof lower or unsloped structures. A torch is utilized to seal the layers of the material. Any of our certified roofing contractors at House Anything can help commercial business owners make a decision as to whether torch down roofing in Katy, TX is right for their commercial roof. Once the decision is made, a qualified professional will perform the installation with top quality craftsmanship to ensure a quality roof for your building.

Torch down roofing may consist of two or three layers. If we were to go to with the two-layer system, it means there is a base covered by the torch down layer. A three-layer system, on the other hand, adds a granular surface on top. Between these two, the three-layer system is the most costly, however, it provides superior protection and longevity to your roof.

More About Torch Down Roofs

You might notice a rubberized asphalt material being employed for torch down roofing. This is actually a very sturdy, flexible, and highly resistant material that will prevent tears and leaks over the years. Torch down roofing is one of the most resilient of all roofing options available to property owners and will withstand the elements. Sure, torch down roofs may look similar to other asphalt layered roofs, however, these do have different properties. For instance, torch down roofs don’t release noxious fumes. This roofing system is also more resistant to heat, fire, and UV.

Torch down roofing is one of the most hazardous roofing types to install. If you are interested in installing this type of roofing to your commercial building, make sure you contact experienced roofing contractors like ourselves at House Anything. Calling an inexperienced roofing team to install this type of roof can result in emergency repairs. Since a blowtorch is used during the installation, there can be a fire risk. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the field and will be able to safely install a torch down roof safely. Our team will gladly explain more of the benefits to torch down roofing for your Katy, TX building. You can request a free estimate and schedule a visit by dialing (832) 725-0337. We will be happy to assist you.