General Contractor and Roofer in Katy, TX

Quality Roofing and General Contracting Services

House Anything is the place to go when you want the very best roofing and general contracting services in the surrounding areas. We’ve been in this business since 2008 and have been working to not only embellish but repair, help and assist in any aspect of interior or exterior renovations and additions. 10 years’ worth of unique renovation projects and happy clients is what we take pride in. For an experienced and licensed general contractor and roofer in Katy, TX, you can rely on our company!

We are happy to have a team of professionals who are dedicated to each and every client that needs help with a small or large project. If you’ve been looking for fine levels of workmanship and craftsmanship, you’ve definitely found it. Of course, we have earned the trust of our clientele and built our reputation. We are known for not cutting corners, increasing the value of your home, and working with any budget. Thoroughly looking for the best options in design, style, looks, and costs to fit the needs of our clients. 

Our Services

  • We Can Help with Any Project

    You Can Count On Our Team

  • A home renovation project, roofing repair or installation is not something you do every day, which is why you need the help of a general contractor or roofer in Katy, TX. Projects like these require planning, timing, and ensuring you have the right team of roofers and general contractors working with you side by side.

    • Our team is made up of licensed contracts and roofers.
    • We will tackle any large or small projects in general contracting or roofing.
    • House Anything is professional, reliable, and safe.
    • We repair, remodel, fix, and roof. 
    • Our team is reliable and effective
    • We are creatives, we will work to create the home you envisioned
    • We work within your budget. Seeking out high-quality options for your home renovations and remodeling project.
    • House Anything provides quality care to customers. We listen and advise.
    • We see the value in your home and we look to increase it.
    • Our team is effective in getting you the right permits for construction.
    • We are committed to finishing your project successfully.

Call our office at (832) 725-0337 if you are interested in roofing and general contracting services for your home.

A Home with a Pool.

Residential Roofing

We Offer Repairs, Replacements, and Installations

Not only does our team offer residential construction services, we also offer residential roofing services. Whether you are needing repairs for your asphalt shingles or you want to invest in impact resistant shingles, know that our roofers are able to help you. It is so important that when you need roofing services for your home, you call a company you can trust. When you call House Anything for residential roofing, you will get the very best services. Dial (832) 725-0337 for a general contractor and roofer in Katy, TX.

Two Men Repairing a Shingle Roof.

Storm Damage Roof Repairs

We Can Repair Any Storm Damage

Katy, TX is known for its inclement weather. Severe storms that cause hail, strong winds, and heavy rainfall can do a number on your roofing system, sometimes leading to damages that require immediate repairs. At House Anything we are able to offer storm damage roof repairs that includes repairs for hail, wind, and even roof leaks. Don’t wait until you have a roofing emergency on your hands, dial (832) 725-0337 for a general contractor and roofer in Katy, TX that can repair your roof quickly!